Game diaries for "Stars!"

"Stars!" is a turn-based space strategy game that can be played alone against the computer or against other humans, either at the same machine or over the Internet. You give your planets and fleets orders, send the turn file to a host, and receive the next turn situation, usually by E-mail. Playing against humans is, of course, much more interesting as diplomacy becomes almost as much a part of the game as ship design and planet production orders.

It's so interesting to me, that whenever I play a game of "Stars!" against humans, I keep a diary of what I was doing and thinking during the game. With a screen capture program, I take snapshots of ship designs or the universe map. While most folks might not find these too interesting, I'm mainly putting these up so that the other humans that were in the game can see what playing our game was like from my perspective.

With that here are the diaries...

A Cake in the Rain: Started January 28, 1997

Breakout III: August 31, 1998 - February 22, 1999