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*The Drudge Report - Made famous for his breaking of the Monica Lewinsky story, this Internet journalist gets inside scoops on news stories that you won't hear from the mainstream media (at least not until a weeks or months later), and has links to scores of other news sources.

*WorldNetDailyWorldNetDaily - "A free press for a free people". Highlights news and opinion from sources all over the net, as well as original exclusives. Their exclusives have included the breaking of the news that the CNN/Time piece on the "Tailwind" nerve gas was a fraud, and details into Clinton's executive orders restricting freedoms.

*CRAYON (CReAte Your Own Newspaper) - This service will create a customized Web document that you store on your PC or on their system.  It will contain links to your choice of loads of news, information and entertainment sources.



*Lilburn Alliance Church - The church Doug & Susan & the kids attend. [Oh, and Doug happen to be the webmaster, by the way. :) ]

Keepers*The Official Promise Keepers Home Page - Official site for information about this movement of evangelical Christian men.

*The MK Home Page - A place for all kinds of information (and recreation) for Missionary Kids.

*Maranatha Christian Journal - News, movie reviews, devotions, homeschool information and fun pages. They also have some good E-mail newsletters you can sign up for.

Responsibility in Free Speech*Responsibility in Free Speech - You may have seen blue ribbons proclaiming "Free Speech Online" on many web pages in protest of the Communications Decency Act. No doubt in response to this, Zondervan, a Christian publishing company, has started a green ribbon campaign in support of all types of responsible free speech. You can't yell "Fire" in a crowded theater if there isn't a fire, and that doesn't infringe on free speech rights. Most of us, however, refrain from that form of speech not because it's against the law, but because we are exercising responsible free speech. Zondervan thinks (as do I) that this same idea of responsibility, if it's good for the "real" world (and it is), ought to be just as good for the online world. They are not calling for laws, but for personal responsibility and awareness of the words we say. In their words, "the true right of free speech is accurately carried out when self-restraint is responsibly exercised". They'll even send you a free Green Ribbon button!



Pooh Bear* - A wealth of information about that tubby little cubby all stuffed with fluff.  Also has some Pooh clip art, background images, sounds, games, and coloring pages.

Veggie Tales*The Ultimate Veggie Tales Web Site - Has all sorts of information, sounds and pictures of that fantastic Christian computer-animated children's video series.


The Internet

*NetIdentity - The host system of this page.  For a small annual fee, you can get an E-mail address and web space in one of their many domains, which include a number of family names (such as Payton.Net).

*Google - Our favorite search engine.  You can search for web pages, images and Usenet discussion forums.



*Nonags - Loads of Windows95 software that is either free or doesn't nag you about registering. Games, fonts, organizers, sound utilities, printing tools, Internet programs (file transfer, E-mail, news, web browsers, utilities), and tons more!

*Stars! - A well-designed strategy game for Windows 3.1 or Windows 95/98 that can be played against the computer, or against humans on a network, by E-mail or just swapping disks around.  Susan and I enjoy it.  Keep an eye out for the sequel, "Stars Supernova Genesis".



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