Payton Place Games

We play a lot of different kinds of games at Payton Place.  Here are some of our favorites:

Joybells The all-time favorite around here. 7 rounds of groups & runs.
Crazy Bridge Great for parties (which is where we learned it--thanks Walkers!). Easy rules but lots of mayhem. This page is suitable for printing out and distributing to all players (or for copy & paste into your word processor to customize the look). For 12 players. (Actually, any multiple of 4, but one of the ideas is to play with a different group every round.)
Hand & Foot Doug got tired of playing Joybells all the time, so Tom & Mindy Robertson (from a homeschooling E-mail list Susan subscribes to) taught us this one.
Nerf Arena Blast Doug & the kids love this game.  It's one of those First Person Shooter-type games (based on the Unreal Tournament engine) but without the blood, gore and insults.  You shoot all sort of Nerf guns in an attempt to draining the energy from other participants.  


"Stars!" is a single- or multi-player space-based strategy game that we've come to enjoy. A few times, Doug has participated in E-mail games that have lasted (for him) as long as about 6 months (one turn per day). During these games, he's kept a diary with screen shots, partially to keep notes about what has happened in the past (hard to remember what happened a few months ago), and partially for the entertainment of all players after the game is over ("what was that guy thinking, anyway"). If you're into "Stars!", these may be amusing and/or interesting. If not, they may range from mildy interesting to utter nonsense.

With that, decide for yourself whether or not to read The "Stars!" Diaries.



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