Wow, I hadn’t realized how far our geocoin, trying to get to the country of Georgia, has gone! I get an e-mail when someone logs it or writes a note, but I must have missed a few.

Just a reminder, "geocoins" have a unique serial number engraved on them so that people who find them in geocaches can verify that they indeed have the coin and they can be tracked to see where they go. That’s our coin in the picture; a tribute to the Georgia section of the Appalachian Trail. Also, there are dog tags with a serial number that you can attach to just about anything to make it a "traveller", "travel bug" or "trackable"; more general terms.

Optionally, you can give your trackable a goal. Our is to go to the country of Georgia (the homeland of my brother’s wife) and then return to home, the state of Georgia. We’d asked people to take pictures of it wherever it went, but that hasn’t happened much.

A cacher named The Lost Patrol picked it up in Oregon in January. One of the things you can with a trackable is to just say that it “visited” a cache. It’s not dropped into the cache, but it does get those miles logged as you go around from cache to cache, and this guy/group took it all around Oregon, logging a few hundred miles.

Then on February 27th, he must have taken on a Mediterranean vacation, because it next sees a cache in Vatican City in Italy, and over the next month hits Spain and Greece as well, ultimately being left in a cache in Turkey named “Ephesus spontan”. (It’s a premium members only cache, so I can’t get the exact location, unfortunately. I haven’t sprung for the premium membership.) I thought that seemed like a lot of travelling, and perhaps the cacher just logged it at these places without actually being there. But it has since been picked up from Ephesus by another cacher, who appears to be from Finland.

With the 6,000 miles from Oregon to Vatican City, and the hundreds since then, our little coin has racked up over 12,500 miles!

So our coin really does have a chance to get the first leg of its journey completed, to get to the country of Georgia!