We haven’t been caching very much lately. I don’t get around like I used to, so that has put a damper on things.

Cache Update: I noticed that we were getting a few DNF (Did Not Find) log entries on our 1 hide at our church. When we went to look for it, we couldn’t find it. It had been hidden in a huge bush on the grounds of our church  (thing a ball about 8 feet tall) behind a large rock that the bush had engulfed. But when we went to look, the rock wasn’t there.

And then I realized that the rock was there; it was just that it was outside of the bush now! Turns out the church had the shrubs cut back by a landscaping company, and the cut back this bush at least 2 feet. The thought is they just scooped up the debris and hauled it off, not realizing there was an ammo can in there. So the cache is probably at a dump site somewhere. We need to come up with a new container and site.

Coin update: Our geocoin "Georgia (Appalachian Trail) On My Mind" has been really making the rounds in southern Germany and surrounding areas. It’s racked up over 23,000 miles as of this writing. There is a feature of either the Geocaching.com website or some geocaching app that automatically "dips" every coin in every geocache you visit (i.e. puts it in and takes it out) so that you get the mileage added to the coin from the last cache you found. This was done by one cacher for over a year, which really put on the mileage. It’s been in Germany, Austria, and Liechtenstein just this past month!

The goal is to get this to the Republic of Georgia, and the closest it has gotten so far is the coast of Turkey. But hey, it’s fun watching it travel around.