Sunday at Stone Mountain

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We took this Sunday afternoon to do some geocaching around Stone Mountain again, this time bringing a friend and hitting a number of spots.


The first one we looked for on our way around the mountain was at the end of the train line.  Good hiding place.  Too good, though.  We never found it.  But it’s there, because there have been logs posted since then where other did locate it.




So on we went to a cache in the playground.  Fortunately, having my youngest along meant we could get in "legally".  Unfortunately, there were a million mugglettes around.




Another DNF.  However, I did see a sight that gave me a chuckle; an indication of our cell-phone era.


We returned to the site of a previous DNF where the cache hider included a decoy.  I had wondered (here and in the official log) that the real cache may have been removed during some recent renovation.  However, the cache owner has since checked and indeed the cache is still there.  Again, unfortunately, even with additional help, we were unable to find the real cache.



OK, so quite the bummer of a run.  Fortunately, we had an ace in the hole.  Our friend had been geocaching at Stone Mountain before and knew the location of one, so we started off looking for it.  I will attest to the fact that he did not give any hints along the way, simply accompanying us as we followed the GPS.


On the way there, we came across 3 deer, and I got the best picture I could (which isn’t all that good) with my Blackberry camera fully zoomed in.


Finally, we closed in on the cache


And my older son, with caching-radar in good working order, looked at a particular location and thought, "That’s got to be it."  Indeed it was.


We signed the log, left out usual boondoggle, and took a plastic all-in-one thermometer/compass/magnifying glass thingie.



We placed it back in it’s hiding spot and hit the road.  It had been a very hot day already, and going 1-for-4 was a little depressing, but, as I always say, it did get us out of the house, which is always a good thing.

Mountain Park Hunting

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With my eldest back from college, we had to do some caching.  We went over to a baseball park that both my sons have (in the past) played at.  There are a couple of multis there, but we were in a bit of a hurry (had to pick up one or two within an hour and get something to help out with supper).  So we went for the easy grabs.

And they were, especially for my eldest.  Both time, she pretty much walked right up to them.

The first was near some walking trails at one end of the park, off the trail a bit near the houses that back up to the park.

20100515-182652 20100515-182842


We brought along the geocoin that we’d picked up before.  I’d hoped to drop it off in Savannah, but my wife went to help get my daughter packed up rather than I.  So we decided to drop it off here and let someone else send it on its way.



Not much in the cache itself, so we just signed the log and dropped off the coin.

On to the other cache, on the other side of the park where the jogging trails are.  Once again, my oldest basically just walked into it.  Her geocaching radar was really working.



We found what looked like a face in a tree while doing our hunting.


We found the micro, but forgot to bring our own pen, so this photographic evidence will have to suffice.


So endeth another fine day of caching.

Treasure Cache TV

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Andy Smith, alias "HeadHardHat" and geocaching blogger and video short producer, is starting up a TV show called "Treasure Cache TV".  He’s put out the call for anyone who wants to be on the show so he has stories to cover.  Check the website for details on how to get in touch.

Find #20 (and then some)

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With the rest of the family still out of town (and our daughter winning a place on our denomination’s Bible Quizzing Team for Internationals!), we set out in the afternoon to hit 3 caches.  The first one we would hit would make #20.

However, at the first one we went to we came up empty handed.  Even with the hint, we were still unable to make the find.  Ironically, the difficulty for this was the lowest of the three we set out to find, and we did find the other two.  (Ah, it’s all subjective anyway.)

The second option was at a gas station, and the chance for discovery was rather high, this being on a busy street.  But there weren’t too many folks filling up, so not too bad.  At first we thought this was going to be a standard LPC (Lamp Post Cache, typically underneath the skirt that protects the bolts).  Without being too spoiler-y, technically it wasn’t, but in one sense it was.

20100501-154730We got the log and headed back to the car to sign it.


We tried to be sneaky getting it back, making my son the distraction by appearing to take a picture of me.  Can’t post it here, because I was oh-so-slyly pointing to where the cache was (for future reference). 

Thus, we had found our 20th cache.

On to our third attempt of the day, off the parking lot of a nearby church.  This was a bit more difficult.  It’s near a fence, but it appears this is an old fence that, at this point, doesn’t really separate anything.  It stops and starts in an area of overgrowth, so getting to and around it was a bit of a challenge. 


The description said to search high, so we did.

20100501-161140 20100501-161246

I went closer to where my son was searching, looked up, and I was in just the right spot to see it.  Back to the car for the signing of the log.

20100501-161741 20100501-161805

We returned it to its place (I had to do it to ensure it was as high as it was originally) and we came home having done an overall successful cache run.