We started this afternoon trying to find a cache we were unable to locate before.  This time, the ball field was populated with a girls’ softball team practicing in the low-40-degree weather. 

As before, still didn’t find it.  Not for want of trying, though.  (No pictures this time.)

We decided to go for an actual find, and looked to see other caches nearby.  There is one near an historic site in Lilburn; the Wynne-Russell house.

20100123-154158 20100123-154209

We did some searching in the back of the house, as that’s where our GPS pointed us.

20100123-154646 20100123-154656

Finally, we looked at the hint on the web page for the cache.  Turns out that it was more a "precise location" than a hint.  Upon reading it, my son, who was within eyeshot of it, turned his head and found it.  Hence my calling it half a find.

20100123-155050 20100123-155129

Since this was such an easy find, the kids wanted something a bit more challenging, so off we went.


This next cache is called "Publix Enemy Vanquished", as it is hidden on the site of an Ingles grocery store that the across-the-street Publix put out of business.  It’s now a church, but on this Saturday afternoon it was empty.

We started looking though some bushes in the parking lot, but upon further consultation with the Blackberry GPS, we realized it was elsewhere.  (No spoiler.)

20100123-160911 20100123-160928

This particular cache has a unique camouflage to it that I looked right at and passed by.  My son, upon looking at it, notice that a plastic bag was sticking out and figured that was suspicious.  Sure enough that was it.  We took it back to the car to go through.


My daughter made the boondoggle in the picture, which is what we left.  We’ considering making those our "signature" drops. 

The log papers were all quite soggy, but someone had put a dry page in which we signed. 


We took a Jillian’s sports bar game token.


And actually, we accidentally took that little blue heart shown in the previous picture because it dropped into my car’s cup holder, after which I put my Blackberry on top of it.  On the back was written "Rexnest", which is a user name on Geocaching.com.  I’ll let them know we have it.

So a good find and a half today.