Fortunately you don’t have to go crawling around in a sewer to find this one.  There are a few rainwater drains and pipes underneath the roads at this corner, however, which all suggested hiding places. 

With his older siblings otherwise occupied (one at college, one visiting a college and one washing cars as a fund raiser), I took my youngest on a hunt of his own.  Our first finds were without him around because, during that part of Christmas vacation, he was staying at the grandparents place nearby where his NY cousins were staying.  So I thought I’d give him a hunt of his own.

I was trying to use my Blackberry as both GPS and camera, so I’d get a general idea of distance, switch to camera, then back to the GPS, and realize we were still a bit off from ground zero.  So we were looking all over the place at the start.



But we finally got our bearings, and found the "sewer" it was talking about.  Actually a telephone cable access point.


He found the small electrical-tape-covered cylinder, but when we took the cap off the log book was soaked.  So we just took pictures to record, for ourselves, the find.



We dutifully rolled it back up and put it back in its place.  We then logged the find on the website.  Good job for the kiddo!