We went to Georgia’s Stone Mountain Park today, and figured we’d look up a close-by cache on our Blackberries when we got there, rather that trying to guess where we might stop.  Our first order of business was taking a picture of the travel bug in our possession.  It wants to be photographed near lakes or reservoirs, so we got a shot of it by the Stone Mountain Park lagoon.


The nearby multi-stage cache said in its description that you should block out 3-4 hours to find all the stages.  Well, we didn’t have that kind of time, so we found one within a short driving distance in the park, at the old Grist Mill.


We found what was the likely drop zone and started hunting.  At one point, I thought I’d found it, but when we checked inside, we found this laminated piece of paper:


Sorry, that’s the best I could do for something this small and in the dusk light.  It says, "Sorry, This is not the cache.  Try again."  Thing is, this was a very cleverly camouflaged cache, and to be a decoy got a big chuckle out of me. 

But while it confirmed that we were in the right area, we never did find the actual cache.  There had been some recent renovations to the Grist Mill and the surrounding area, so I’m hoping it wasn’t removed in that.  The log shows that someone found it just 4 days ago, so perhaps this difficulty 2 cache was just to clever for us.  A DNF, for now.