With the whole family out of town but my youngest son and I, I decided to do some special geocaching with him.  (Seems that’s what happens when he winds up here with no siblings.)  We had been sitting for three weeks on a trackable that we picked up on Spring Break in Florida, so it was time to move it along.  (I made up for this by taking 2 pictures of it next to bodies of water near us, as it asked.)  So I found a regular cache (i.e. not a small or micro) near us and we headed out.

The place is a nice wooded area next to a Lutheran church, along a path that they created into it.  I assume that someone from the church knows it’s there, so we parked near the woods and walked on in.  Again, I was without a regular camera so a Blackberry in the dusk was all I had, and thus the pictures aren’t all that good.



I availed myself of the hint, but once we followed the arrow, it really wasn’t necessary.


A very swag-rich find, including 2 trackables.


We dropped off our Floridian guest and picked up a German racing coin.


The intent of the coin is to hit as many caches as it can, and travel as great a distance as possible.  I have to go start the pack-up process for my daughter at college, so I’ll bring it with me there to put a few miles on it.


We signed the log, closed it, and hid it (slightly) better than we found it.  See you later, travel bug!