My girls are working at a summer camp this year.  They leave on the 9th, before Father’s Day, and since they wouldn’t be here for it, all the kids came up with an idea for an early Father’s Day gift.

I got a gift bag with a combo clock/thermometer/humidity meter.  We have a garden out front, so that’s an ideal spot for that.  Then there was a hand-made card, decorated in camouflage, from my kids.  It said that they had the perfect present for me, but they lost it.  Last they recall it was at a set of coordinates.  So I dutifully fired up the GPS software and started hunting.  (It was early evening, so some of the pictures didn’t come out that well.)






After searching around for a while, I said out loud, “It’s at this point that I would probably look up the cache web page and find the hint.”  (See, we have lots of trees in the backyard, and the GPS was going nuts.  That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.)  I got a very general hint as to the area that it was in, and so I worked my way over there and ultimately found it.




They’d been itching to hide a cache — an official one — so they gave me a waterproof container.  Not only that, they stocked it with trinkets already.  It includes one of our signature boondoggles, a friendship bracelet that my oldest made at camp last year, a beaded leather bracelet, a plastic dinosaur toy that my youngest had played with, some fox teeth, a few cool stones, a picture wallet, and of course a log book.

In the coming days, the boys and I plan to find a place to hide this.  Stay tuned!