The state parks in Georgia have a Geo-Challenge where they have hidden geocaches in 42 state parks.  Each is a normal geocache but also has a stamp that you are supposed to stamp onto your Geo-Challenge Passport.  When you find a certain number of GASP (GA state park) caches, you can get different custom geocoins.  I didn’t pick up on the passport thing until after we found the one at Amicalola Falls today, but we’ll have to print out one of their passports before we go next time.

The falls itself is very beautiful, and is the highest falls east of the Mississippi.  It’s surrounded by the north Georgia mountains.



This official GASP cache is close to the Lodge, where we were going to have lunch, normally an $8.50 buffet.  But for the July 4th weekend, the price was $13 per person, which I didn’t recall from the website.  Very disappointing.  So, deciding to eat later, we went down the trail.


Along the way we found a leaf bug, and my older daughter befriended it, as she does with many a large bug.


We made our way to within GPS-accuracy distance, and upon my announcing that fact, my youngest looked down and was standing right in front of the cache.  We opened it up and looked through the contents.




We hadn’t come prepared to trade anything, so we were going to just sign the log and go.  However, there was a geocoin there, in the log, the person who dropped it off said it was trying to go to the northeast United States.  Well, in a week and a half we’re going on vacation to New York, so we couldn’t resist (and we’re hooked on geocoins anyway).


So, sorry for not dropping anything off, but we’re going to send this Oakcoin on its way.

And this was our 25th find.