On our way back from our vacation in NY, one of my daughters was returning from Canada with a Bible Quiz team to the coach’s house near Greenville, SC.  We got there early, and they were late anyway, so we spent some time doing some caching near the exit we had a nice leisurely dinner.

We found a concentration of caches near a mall and started looking.  One was around the nearby movie theater and we found it pretty quickly.  This time, I was the one that found it.



The second attempted one was on a side road near the highway.  It’s name, “Behind the Holly” was clearly a clue to where it was, but that holly is pretty darn prickly, so after a few attempts at a quick find, we decided to bail out.  If this was truly behind the holly, we weren’t dressed for that.



Our last stop was at a cache called “Four-Get-Me-Knots”.  This is hidden in a very clever fashion, and we’d almost given up on it until we realized that the title of the cache was indeed a clue.



But indeed we finally found it, and signed the log.


Along the way, we found a muggle.


With that, it was getting too dark, so we headed out to pick up the daughter and head on home.