I was going to Montreal on business so I just had to get our first find outside the US. With this in mind, I had pulled out a geocoin that was in our cache as well as prepare one of ours to set on its way. I pulled up the map on geocaching.com and found that the nearest cache to the client’s preferred hotel that could hold a geocoin was a short drive away on a college campus. Sounded good

Except that when I went to book the room, they were filled up for 2 of the nights I was going to be there. The backup plan was to stay at a hotel where other folks from my company were staying doing work for another client. I booked the room first and then looked for coin-friendly cache.

Right across the street. Amazing.

Today I came back to the hotel and started looking.  Seems that whenever I go caching while on business, I wind up in an area that has lots of trash.  The location of the cache I found in Cleveland was near a dumpster, and trash was all around.  In this case, the trash was in what the cache hider referred to as a beaver den.  (Well, "la hutte du castor".  This is Montreal.)  And indeed once you approached it and walked into the bush, it did remind one of a beaver den.





But for the trash, this would be a fantastic fort for kids. 

I did some looking around, poking a stick at the stuff on the ground.  I got tired of picking through trash, so I thought I’d come back the next day.  However, it started to rain a little, and this huge bush was actually good shelter from the rain.  I decided to keep hunting until it let up.  Good thing I did.  Within 60 seconds, I found the cache.


As is my habit, I forgot to bring a pen, so I couldn’t sign the log this time, but I’ll come back tomorrow to fix that. 

Not much in the cache; a golf ball and a pencil eraser.  But I dropped off the two travel bugs I came with;  RedIrishLilly’s First Geocoin and Just Shoot Me.




Have a good trip!