I went out the next day (December 28th) with 3 of my 4 kids.  (The youngest was staying overnight with cousins.)  After exchanging a few e-mails with the cache hider, geomuse, we went back to the greenway.

As an aside, at this point I’ve only e-mailed this one person, but if she’s any indication, those who’ve hidden caches are willing to be helpful.  We asked a couple of general questions (didn’t want it to be too easy) and she reminded us that what we’re looking for is small.

So off we went.



We even posed for a picture when a “muggle” came by.


Yes, “muggles” is similar to how it’s used in Harry Potter; it’s someone who (presumably) doesn’t know about geocaching.  If they walk by and you’re digging around, examining light posts, or reaching into some bushes, they’ll think you strange (at least) or report you to the police (at worst).  Also, you don’t necessarily want to alert folks to boxes of interesting stuff lying nearby.  “Muggles” might take the cache or vandalize it, so it’s best not to make them aware of it.

But finally we found stage 1.  Actually, I think I was the one that found it.  But we all enjoyed the thrill of the find.


(I’ve smudged the latitude & longitude in the picture; gonna’ have to find it yourself if you want the clue. 🙂 )

As we approached the new coordinates, the kids, already thinking like a cache hider, immediately found stage 2 in (what I later found out is called) a “bison tube”.


Inside were a couple of laminated pieces of paper with the next set of coordinates.  We decided to come back some other time and look for stage 3.  In the meantime, off to downtown Lilburn to find the one there; one of the “Downtown / Main Street USA” caches.


It took a bit of time, and we did find another “muggle” walking around, but figured they would be much of a problem.



But finally my younger daughter found it.  No picture of the location (no spoilers), but here we are after signing the log on our first actual cache find.


It felt good to get a few finds under our belt.  We updated the cache’s web page, and logged our first cache find.