We went out this afternoon to try to find a few more caches today.  Had a late night last night, slept in, hung around the house for some hours, and then I just wanted to get the gang outside.

We went back to the same area as last time, since there were quite a few caches there (mostly micros) but I wanted to try the library one we’d not been able to find.  It just seemed to me that we should be able to find that.

First stop, Taco Bell for "Mexican Ding-a-ling".  We searched around a bit but weren’t able to find it. 



Unlike previously, we were going to do better, percentage-wise.

Our next stop was the library.  Others had found it after we didn’t,  so we were going to give it another shot.  As before, kids were around and in the bushes.


But finally my oldest found it and indeed, like some logs suggested, we’d made it harder than it really was. Although I will say that the camo tape really did its job. We brought it back to the (warm) car and signed the log. We took nothing but left a make-up brush we’d picked up elsewhere.



That felt good.

Next stop was in a shopping area which purported to be easy to find, but we had a tough time. 



Some of the logs mentioned a "Roberto" at a nearby restaurant/bar who might have a clue, so we stopped in and I asked a waitress for Roberto.  No Roberto, but there was a Bob who owned the place. I said we were geocaching, and she nodded knowingly and said she would get him. However, after about 10 minutes he hadn’t showed up, so I figured he was busy. We gave up and moved on.

Determined to get another find, we stopped near a Dairy Queen where the cache "Dilly Dally Streak Saver" purported to keep any streak you may have going, it was that simple.  When we got out of the car and got the GPS reading, we immediately, 80 feet from the cache, knew exactly where it was.  My youngest, to whom I’d just explained Light Post Caches, put his new knowledge to work.


He signed the log and put the cache back.  Normally I wouldn’t put a picture of the cache here, but it’s apparent to me that the simplicity is the reason for it, so I’m guessing no harm done.



So we went 2 for 4 today, which was a whole lot better than last time.