My college student is working at a co-op job this semester at a place near home, so she’s staying at home and commutes to the office. Today, she got the urge to go out and do some caching near the office on her own. She’d looked up 5 caches she wanted to try, and found 2. Not bad!

Consider, too, that she did this without benefit of GPS! It had been a while since I showed her how to use the application on her Blackberry, and she’d forgotten how it worked. So she looked at the satellite maps closely before she left to direct her.

For one of them, she went from the road into the nearby woods and looked all around for a while. On he way out of the woods, she found near the road!

The other one was near a skating rink that she’d been to before to watch a cousin play hockey.

With these two finds, our count is up to 47, approaching that 50 milestone!