When we went out to do the searching, we did not realize we were on this particular milestone. We tried again to look for stage 4 of the old stand-by, the 5-stage-multi greenway trail near us. We’d gotten a bit of a hint that it was on the ground (as opposed to up in a tree), but that didn’t help enough.

However, a new greenway trail on the other side of the town was recently completed, and two caches were placed at the two ends (it forks). We went to find one of them.

The GPS gave me some bad information right at the start. It seemed like no matter where we were, the target was 50 feet away. After some frustrating clambering in the woods, we noticed that the distance got smaller the closer we got to where we were entered. We got to the zone and I located it in about 20 seconds.

Don’t have any real good pictures of the find, because we didn’t realize the significance of the find. And we didn’t bring a pen to sign the log. The kids bike there often, so they may come back later and sign it.

But we made it to 50 today!