One of our geocoins took a 2,400 mile trip recently, from Georgia to Oregon. "Georgia (Appalachian Trail) On My Mind" was brought to a geocaching event in a town called Rogue River, and from there has been roaming around that state a bit. It’s trying to go to the country of Georgia, so hopefully someone can get it off this continent sometime in the future.

The other coin, "Just Shoot Me", which wants to get pictures of it taken and uploaded to the site, has apparently gone missing. It’s last known location was a cache near Montreal, Quebec, but that was 7 months ago, and, while other cachers have found that cache, no one has recorded picking up the coin (nor the one that I had also brought up to Canada on a business trip; both coins got moved and both have stopped). I’ve registered this geocoin with the site "" which allows people to register apparently lost (or non-moving) travel bugs. Others choose an area in which to get alerts for when a travel bug needs to be moved. We did get one group who said that, last March, they were going to try to locate the cache and rescue the coin, but no word since then. Ah well, all part of the game. These things get lost.