With 3 of my kids away for the summer (one at college for the summer semester and two working at a summer camp), my youngest is certainly a bit lonely. So today we decided to go out to do some geocaching together; something he’s been looking forward to.

First, a weather report. It hadn’t rained for quite some time in our area, and indeed drought conditions were starting to take hold. But this afternoon we finally got a nice pop-up thunderstorm that indeed hung around for about 30 minutes. The good news is, we needed it. The bad news is, it hampered our geocaching, even hours after it had left.

Our first stop was at an antique store behind which was a cache.


The problem was that the cache location seemed to be in a bunch of bushes, but after the rain, my son was not interested in poking through wet bushes, so we went on to our next stop.

This was at a Lutheran church, and the name of the cache is "Ninety-Five Thesis"; rather appropriate.



But again the wet foliage slowed us down. We did get into what we thought was the zone, but after a short look around, we moved on.


The next stop I wanted to  make was at the home of the cacher nicknamed "Flamingomama". As of this date, she’s hidden 68 caches, many around this area, and we’ve found some of them. I reminded my son of some of the caches of hers that we’d found. Less than a month ago, she hid a cache in her front yard, so we decided to look for it and hopefully meet her.

When we arrived, there was no question we were at the right place.


We knocked on the door, but alas, no one was home. So off we went into her front yard to look for the ammo can hidden there.


After a short search, my son did indeed find it. We opened it up and the container was quite full of stuff.




There was a trackable inside, and so we took it to move it along, and left some spooky, glow-in-the-dark press-on nails; a gag gift from last Christmas.


My son signed the log, saying that we were sorry to have missed them, and then re-hid the can.

Now, see, we have to go out again some time to move the trackable, so that guarantees another geocaching hunt. Smile