It’s been a while, so after I picked up the boys from a Boy Scout event, we hit a couple of nearby caches.

The first was near a doll house store, and was named appropriately, "Itty Bitty Citty Comitty". It was a nice ammo can that was easily enough found. I saw it first and just told the guys that I had, and they each found it quickly themselves.






We took a pathtag and signed the log. A pathtag is a collectible item that some folks use as their "signature" drop in a cache. I didn’t realize this when we took it, as we didn’t have something to put back in the cache, and usually, as I understand it, folks don’t typically trade for trackables; they just take them or leave them with or without a trade. Anyway, now we have one of these.



Moving on, we hit a lightpost cache at a nearby Wal-Mart. The cache is named "black canister", but when we found it, it was just a baggie; no film canister.


The log was not damp, exactly, but there was mold on it and trying to write on it caused the paper to tear. So we sealed it back up as best we could and replaced it. Lots of folks shopping there today, including a lady sitting in the parked van next to the light, so I hope it doesn’t get muggled.