I took a business trip to California. First time I’d been there (unless you could a layover in LAX decades ago, which I don’t). Of course, one thing I look for are geocaches near the hotel, and this time there were 2 very close by.

One of them was very nearly across the street, in the back parking lot of another hotel. I came by and tried to extract it (the cache page says to bring a "tool to extract" but doesn’t say what kind), but to no avail. I did take a picture of it to show that, yes, I had indeed been there.

(This picture might be considered a spoiler, but once you get to the coordinates, it’s pretty obvious where to look.)


There was a family sitting outside in the back, so I didn’t want to spend too much time getting their attention while trying to get this out.

I went further down the street to find another cache, and the coordinates took me to the end of the sidewalk.



This time, I found it and could actually get at the small container.




And so we get our first two finds in California. It’s been a while since I had done some caching on my own, and it was good to know I hadn’t lost my touch.