The very first cache we tried to find was the difficulty 3 Camp Creek Greenway Trail cache.  Yeah, starting geocaching with a difficult multi was probably not the best way to get into it, but since the kids new the greenway so well, I thought it would be fun.

We went back to search for stage 3.  This was actually our second shot at it (didn’t take pictures of the first shot, which included my wife’s sister, her husband, and their 2 boys).  The stage is somewhere in a area of bamboo along the greenway.  Yeah, I didn’t think there was bamboo in Georgia, either.



Following a clue that the cache hider, geomuse, gave us, we continue our search.  Sometimes we were looking inside things.


Sometime we were looking at the bamboo from the side away from the trail.


But  we still didn’t find it.  I found a patch of ground that was naturally shielded, visually, from the trail.  I scoured that area but came up empty.  So we went back to geomuse for yet another clue.  (My daughter didn’t want to ask, but my boys were in agreement that we needed some help.)