Having received word that the first cache we ever tried to find — a 5-stage multi-cache — had had its 3rd stage replace (it disappeared a couple months ago), and with all the kids home from their summer activities, we decided to make another attempt.

(See here, here and here for previous attempts.)


The 3rd stage is closer to the end of the Greenway away from the parking lot, so we parked in a business at the other end and started down the trail.  We made it back to the place that we knew the previous stage 3 had been.  After some searching, one of my sons went back to stage 2 to ensure that the coordinates were indeed the same.  He had trouble getting the laminated papers out of the bison tube, so he brought it to us to work on.



While I was in the search area, I picked up a stick to try to get it out, while my younger daughter watched.  I then heard her say, “Hey, we have the coordinates.”  I said, “No, I’m still trying to get them out.”  She replied, “No, here they are!”  She had just turned her head and immediately found the clue, not 6 inches from either of us!  After entering them into our Blackberries, we beat a hasty retreat, as a nearby honey bee had stung my older daughter, twice.

On to stage 4.  By this time, my sister-in-law and her two boys had come by to help us hunt.



It was getting hot, though, and after about 10 minutes of searching, we were a little frustrated (lots of thorns) and sweaty, so we left, at least knowing we’d made progress.